Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Things Kids Say...

You have no idea how many funny things kids at school say to me! Well, they always let me know what they think of the meal that day. The most unpopular lunch (to the kids) is the hot ham and cheese. This is a sandwich that consists of two slices of American cheese and one slice of "lunch meat" style ham on a whole wheat (hamburger) bun. You will hear more about this menu item and the funny things kids say about it later this week when we serve it.

This last week we served a new menu item of taco bar. Sounds intriguing doesn't it? It is a soft flour tortilla with fajita chicken meat tucked inside. Then the children get to choose from the taco bar sliced lettuce, grated cheese, sliced limes, sour cream, and Verde salsa. As side dishes the children can choose from jicama, baby carrots, tortilla chips and oranges. With every lunch the children are offered low fat milk or low fat chocolate milk to drink. It was a fantastic lunch! My opinion is not the focus of this entry, so it is always interesting to hear from the children. They let me know that this was the best lunch ever served at school. One girl is hoping that it is served every Friday of the month. Some kids mentioned that the salsa was too spicy. A first grader came back to tell me that I totally rocked on this lunch, which made me laugh! I had moms after school tell me that their kids loved the choices and how yummy this lunch is. The overwhelming verdict is....that the kids love the new taco bar!

The other funny things that kids say are not always directly to me. For example, this one little boy says hi to me as I am pick up my son from school and he is leaving with his dad. His dad looks at him like how do you know her. The boy looks up at his dad and tells him that I am this great "chef" at his school that cooks so well. He usually compliments me on the food I cook and serve. Another time I was going to church and a friend on mine stopped me. She wanted to tell me that her son told her all about me with amazed eyes and excitement in his voice. She laughed as she was telling me this and told me, "like you were a rock star!" I have a group of girls that have decided to be Lunch Ladies when they grow up because they want to be just like me. I'm sure the sweet benefit of a free lunch of the day doesn't hurt either! So now I describe being a Lunch lady as like being a rock star. I have adoring fans that spot me in public and compliment my work all the time! They even want to be just like me.

I bet you had no idea that being a Lunch lady was so amazing. I am not jsut the lady dressed in a hairnet, cute apron and plastic gloves that serves lunches at school. There is so much more to this awesome job, the food and the hilarious children than what I wear. Well, now you know and there is more to serve to you from the Daily Lunch lady.

School is in Session

I LOVE my job as a Lunch lady at my son's elementary school. It is the best job I have ever had. I work only 3 hours a day and get summertime off. Other benefits are that I get a free lunch (of whatever we are serving that day) and the kids treat me like a rock star. What is better than that? So, these are some of the reasons I am writing a blog about my daily life as a Lunch lady. I hope you enjoy it!